'Driven Into Exile' is the second book in the My Lost Country series.

Each novel in the My Lost Country series is a complete story in itself, though certain characters reappear as their different lives are revealed.

Any association with partisans can lead to death under Nazi occupation. And teenager Natalya has forged a very close link indeed. When her lover, and secret husband, is betrayed and ambushed, she must flee her home in Ukraine to avoid endangering the lives of her mother and sisters.
Transported to Germany as forced labour, she hides in plain sight among her enemies where she performs the role of the obedient maid.
But as the Reich begins to crumble under the weight of the Allied onslaught, Natalya must take more dangerous and arduous work alongside other slave labourers in German armaments factories.
Will they survive to be liberated? And what fate will freedom hold for Natalya and the thousands of other displaced persons awash in post-war Europe?

"A real page turner that retells the story of Natalya and her family during WWII and more recently after Ukraine's independence. The story gives a wealth of historical knowledge that aids our understanding of a desperate period in recent history. Beautifully written and a must read."

Amazon Reviewer February 2017

In search of a secret hidden in exile